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Do your outlets smell like burning plastic whenever in use? Do the circuit breakers trip, when powerful appliances are plugged in? These are signs of a weak or malfunctioning electrical system and an indication that a professional electrical contractor should be consulted. The options in Lincoln, NE are countless, but one name – McKee Electric Co. excels with proficiency and promptness. Read more about us or contact us right away:

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There is no electrical repair task that can hinder our techniciansMcKee Electric Co. delivers outstanding electrical services in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding areas. We have a reputation for being one of the most reputable and experienced electricians with more than three decades of experience behind us! Our electrical services remain incomparable while our list of pleased customers continues to grow. At McKee Electric Co. we strive to achieve perfection in every job we undertake, and anything else is unacceptable. Each electrician in our company is highly trained and always provides the highest standards for electrical maintenance. We utilize the latest equipment and follow the standard practices.

Electrical repairs require solid knowledge and preparation. A loose outlet or uninsulated wire presents a serious risk for electrical shock. One spark or short circuit can set fire to your property. There is another consequence, aside from the harm that an unauthorized electrical repair can cause. An unskilled electrician can further damage your system and appliances, which will entail costly replacements. Electrical work is much more than choosing between blue or red wires. It requires years of experience to be able to provide electrical services in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

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If you do not possess the necessary knowledge and confidence to undertake the job by yourselves, it is certainly a much more efficient, smarter and less risky option to hire a professional electrical contractor to handle the task for you. McKee Electric Co. will demonstrate what a safe and quick electrical service means. Call us today and we will dispatch one of our electricians to your place for an immediate onsite evaluation.

From fixing electrical systems to installing new ones, we are the experts you can count on!!From light switch maintenance to finding and eliminating short circuits, McKee Electric Co. should be consulted when you notice even the slightest electrical system malfunctions. We work promptly and completing any task on time is not a concern. Budget limitations will not scare us, either. McKee Electric Co. is a licensed electrical contractor with over 30 years in the field. Our policy is 100% customer satisfaction and we never fail to fix your electrical issues.

We use only high quality supplies!You will not find more affordable electrical services on the block. We aim to be accessible to households and businesses with restricted budgets, because besides being electricians, we are people with families, and we know how financially difficult it is in today’s world.
Our service speed is also an essential factor. At McKee Electric Co. we understand that shutting down the power supply of your property will put on hold your household activities or business operations. McKee Electric Co. works diligently and fast to restore the power supply and get your life back to normal. Call us today at (402) 483-6163 and get served by one of the most acknowledged electrical contractors in Lincoln, NE!

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